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NWLCRA February 7, 2012 Meeting

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NWLCRA February 7, 2012 Meeting

6:30 PM

Bill reminded us that the Skills Contest is coming up and the judging will be done on the 19th of February. Drinks for the judges will be provided by the Northwest Louisiana Collision Repair Association. State Farm Insurance is hosting the lunch. A vote was taken for 2012 officers and they are as follows:

Our 2012 Officers are as follows:

President - Chris Fielder

Vice President - Ken Stephenson

Secretary/Treasurer - Bill Burnside

AYES Banquet is February 16, 2012. Information about this banquet is on our Calendar, Be sure to check our Calendar often, as we continue to update information.

Tonight's guest speaker is Clay Giecek. Clay is a Diesel Mechanic/Instructor for Northwest Louisiana Technical College. He discussed the upcoming Shell Eco Challenge. This is open to High School and Colleges and is a contest to see which team can design and build a car that gets the best fuel economy. He said that Northwest Louisiana Technical College has helped Benton High School, a local high school, build their car for the last few years. The team must have their car complete a 10 lap race. This year the event is going to be in Houston, TX. Clay said that the driver will accelerate, then coast. He said that they probably coast 9 of the 10 laps. The car is to be as light as possible. In 2010, the Challenge held in France, the car was able to get over 11,000 miles per gallon. Third place was able to get over 6,000 miles per gallon. In North America, Quebec was able to get 25,000 miles. The winner in the High School class in the United States last year got over 600 miles per gallon. Benton High School was able to get over 500 miles per gallon on a Honda tiller motor. Clay thinks they will do better this year on mileage, but the car will be heavier. Teams that win this event will be on Good Morning America, as this is a World-Wide event. Any help that anyone can do will get a decal with your name on the side of the car. There will be different prizes for College teams and High School teams. There are also different levels of competition based on college and high school. Kevin Adams with Krystal Auto Collision, Inc., asked what was needed to help and said he would donate some materials that are needed. Clay added that next year, Northwest Louisiana Technical College will be entering their own car in this event. Chesapeake Energy will also be donating funds for this event. We would like to thank Clay Giecek for coming and telling us about the Shell Eco Challenge. For more information on this event, see the website at

Thanks for everyone that attended our meeting. See you at the next meeting.